This website features my Girl Scout Gold Project, which includes the Uniforms United component and the Goalkeeper Safety Video.

I love soccer because it is both physically and mentally challenging.  It allows relationships to form and teamwork to flourish.  I wanted to bring my passion for soccer to my community and abroad.


Goalkeeper Safety Logo_2

Goalkeeper Safety Video:

I have played soccer for about 12 years – eight of those years as a goalkeeper.  Seven years ago, I experienced a severe concussion.  Soccer affiliations require players to read about concussion symptoms, but there are not many visual aids provided to help teach the soccer players the proper techniques that can be used to prevent injury and protect themselves from concussions.  In my Goalkeeper Safety Video, I wanted to address this need for soccer goalkeeper head injury prevention training and provide an informative tool to teach goalkeeper safety techniques to youth goalkeepers around the world.

Uniforms United Sketch 2

Uniforms United:

In partnership with EVS Smile Foundation in Haiti, I collected gently used uniforms from San Tan Legacy families to donate to the Haitian girls.  The Legacy families were eager to help and the Haitian girls were extremely excited to receive the uniforms.  195 jerseys and 90 shorts were donated.  Thank you to all the families and people who helped me conduct this successful clothing drive!